Growth Pack International Development Co., Ltd. distinguishes itself in the market with its commitment to continuously pursuit the latest innovations in plastics. Our aim is to become the pioneer in the extrusion industry. We also take our responsibility to the environment, thus all our plastics meet existing environmental standards.

We are specialized in making plastic sheet with ESD protection properties. Our plastic sheets are widely used in thermoforming industry. Our product range includes PS (Polystyrene), PP (Polypropylene), PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic sheet in different colors and levels of ESD protection. Besides our standard plastics´╝î we also work closely together with our customers to develop customized plastic to meet their specific requirements. Our expertise is ready to provide technical support and professional advice at anytime.

With our commitment to provide outperforming plastics to our customers, we do the effort to check all stages of the plastic production. Moreover, we promise to our customer just-in-time delivery, by carefully monitoring every order from the first day we receive it till the plastic arrive your warehouse.

Contact us for our wide range of plastics as we are the supplier you can rely upon.